Cash register dating to 1913 is common, worth $200-$300

Record 1 of Creative Professional Photographers. The National Cash Register Company occupied a large area of the complex. The logo NCR appears above entrances to the main building. Record 2 of See DOC Record 3 of

Antique and Vintage Cash Registers

The National Cash Register company, also known as NCR, was the first company to produce a version of cash registers that resemble the cash registers used today. Made using red brass, nickel plate and oxidized copper and wood, National cash registers are known for their beautiful ornate designs. The most ornate registers were created in the late s to After , the company changed the production of their registers using a less expensive steel case.

Locate the brass or nickel plate on the front of the cash register.

Antique National Cash Register from the Shreveport area. Very ornate brass case dating back to he early ‘s. This cash register is in very good condition.

Description Offered for sale is this decorative antique nickel plated cash register. Made by National. Dating from It til has a mahogany base. It has an ornate embossed nicklel plated casing. All the button works. The top lifts up to show the workings and it has the key. In full owrking order. A really deocrative item for a shop and functional as well as t works.

The nickel plated case is in excellent order. There are 2 very small nibbles to the each corner of the black vitralite shelf. There is also a small chip to the glass top on shelf but its on the underside.

Cash registers

Patterson founded the National Cash Register Company, maker of the first mechanical cash registers. Kettering designed the first cash register powered by an electric motor. NCR purchased Teradata Corporation, acquiring its advanced and unique commercial parallel processing technology.

National Cash Register Serial Numbers Dating. January 22 An item that has been used previously. See the seller’s listing for full details and description.

The lists referenced in this article are only for National Cash Register machines. Be careful not to confuse the patent plate dates with the manufacture date. You will find your serial number somewhere on the front of the register. Usually just under the indicators, in the middle of the keyboard or on later machines, on the strip that holds the marble on.

If someone has removed it, you might find it on the guarantee paper that is glued on the under side of the drawer. Your serial number will be the larger of the numbers, the smaller number is the model or class number. The early machines had the “S” and machines from on had the “FR”. Machine that have an “S” and a letter after the serial number can be looked up on Chart 3. Use the last letter for this list. After finding the letter, use the number with the letter and go back to Chart 1 to see when it was originally built.

US1181238A – Cash-register. – Google Patents

National cash registers are often uncovered in abandoned general stores, flea markets, yard sales. They must be in good shape to bring good value. Photo credit courtesy www.

First the inscription “Bijou Chili Parlor” let locate this cash register to a restaurant with this name in Chicago. The dating is confirmed because of.

The first machines were sold not only for their functional ability, but also on their beauty — a fixture which every store owner would be proud to display in his establishment. The first cash registers were housed in elegant cabinets of polished wood. In ornate cases of brass and cast iron were produced. These fancy cases on cash registers ceased in due to demand for brass during World War I. Less expensive sheet metal versions were then produced and the era of the brass cash register ended after only 27 years.

Even though brass cash registers have not been manufactured since , they were refurbished and sold as used registers for the next three decades. In some cases, they can even be found in use today. The quality of the mechanisms in these machines, as well as the timeless beauty of their ornate cases, make it easy to understand why these one-time common business machines have become such a sought-after and coveted antique.

Examples of early registers This is a photograph of one of the first registers ever invented. This is another example of a very early register – typically called a dial register. This is a model 2 register. This detail adding register adds the sales by individual wheels that are actuated by the keys This register is a wooden register, also called a “woody” in the clamshell pattern. The model is the key to what your register is.

Antique National Nickel Plated Cash Register Till

Q: When my husband sold his business, he brought home an old nickel-plated hotel cash register, model E, by National Cash Register Co. Although designed to operate electrically, it now works only by a hand crank. Among its keys are ones marked for cigars, rooms and wine. The last patent date on it is

Peter Warns, 65, is a third-generation cash register dealer with about machines, some dating back as far as the late s. In , NCR mailed advertisements showcasing its cash registers to business owners.

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National Cash Register Company

The cash register has a glass door. Wooden structure, completely original in all its parts. Croce Viola is a volunteer ambulance association based in Milan, Italy and founded in

These fancy cases on cash registers ceased in due to demand for brass The below table is a guide to tell you what year your National Cash Register.

Whether their exteriors are made from ornately detailed metal or highly polished wood, antique cash registers are considered works of art by many collectors. In , a Dayton, Ohio, saloonkeeper named James Ritty and his brother John, patented the first mechanical cash register. The purpose of the invention was to stop dishonest employees from helping themselves to extra cash from the cash drawer when no one was looking. Although the brothers developed several different cash register models, it was their “Incorruptible Cashier” that met with the most success.

The cash register had:. In , John H. Within a few years cash registers were being made with a roll of paper that recorded the sales and in some were being manufactured with electric motors. One of the many business strategies that Patterson used was making his cash registers visually attractive to the customers in addition to its being a deterrent to theft by the employees.

The success of the National Cash Register Company grew rapidly and Patterson quickly took over most of his competition. By , the company had sold more than two million cash registers. As a focal point of many stores and business, antique cash registers were beautifully detailed and sometimes lavishly decorated. Some of the most beautiful examples of these early machines have cabinets made of highly polished:.

Wooden cabinets often had fancy inlaid patterns made of various types of veneers and burled veneers.

Model and Serial number

Menu Search. What does NCR stand for? Acronym Attic. Samples in periodicals archive: American cash register model with original marble by the National Cash Register Company, circa

This electronic cash register is designed to help your business function smoothly Set the date option to print the current date at the top of each receipt, journal Or you may call the Royal National Repair Center directly at for.

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National Cash Register dating from Fully working order and in remarkably good condition given its over a years old! A real eye catcher of an item and.

Create account. Thank you for the additional information and your patience. The presented object is a well-preserved cash register made by the National Cash Register Company in Because of this long history and the ecological success in the first half of the 20th century are still many cash register on the market. This cash register is remarkable ins some points. First the inscription “Bijou Chili Parlor” let locate this cash register to a restaurant with this name in Chicago.

The dating is confirmed because of the serial number. It has serial number and the model number Also, the model with the marble topping of the base segment is not that often on the market. Because of the localization and the model a hammer price above USD is possible in an auction. This piece is in good condition and there are no serious damages visible.

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