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Welcome, students! We know you must have lots of questions about what life on campus will look like in this new era. Detailed below is the information you need to know about preparing to come back, monitoring and testing, face covering and social distancing requirements, arrangements for academic life, plans for residential housing, and more.

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Topics discussed: Les gave his thoughts on all things Crisis Management having previously relied on a paper based system to record and store their crisis management plans. Creating …. Incident Report — Rate your current methodology today. Reporting on key incident and crises is of paramount importance when understanding and reviewing how the incident has been handled in terms of; What went well?

How improvements can be made? If corrective action needs to be taken? Investigate …. Some institutions have responded well, communicated clearly, having dealt with the incident appropriately and efficiently, thus reinforcing their reputation within the education sector. Others, less so and their reputation could suffer irreparable damage as a result. If you think that these …. Rate the Incident Response on your Campus.

Move-In Guide

The Glion Spirit has helped our entire community through some challenging times. With the Swiss government announcing a significant relaxation of restrictions, we have welcomed back our current students to our Glion and Bulle campuses at the end of July. Find out more about our precautionary measures on campus here. For Glion London, we must of course comply with UK regulations, which means a different timetable to Switzerland.

For BBA students currently on semester 2 internship, and for students currently on MSc Semester 1, your next semesters of study are forecast to start on Monday August 24th,

If you think you are going to arrive on campus after your program start date, please contact the admissions and enrolment team to make a late arrival request, so.

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As a soloist, Boonyarit was the first euphonium player who was invited to perform with Thailand Philharmonic Orchestra. Some of his colligate students have competed and received recognitions among prestigious national and international platforms including International Tube Euphonium Conference ITEC and Falcone Festival. Boonyarit devoted himself to teach students of all ages.

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Return to Campus

Skip to content 20 Feb by No Comments. Plan for More Campus Upgrades. Dear All, Please be informed that one lane of the road near entrance of Gate-1 security guard post will be closed from tomorrow 22nd April until 30th April , to do the decoration work of ongoing new gate construction project.

should complete the training prior to the July 6 return to campus date. flow of traffic in buildings, and designating where traffic is restricted.

Bluefield State College was scheduled to reopen all offices Monday, but that open date has been pushed back until Monday, July 27th. The halt comes after rising concerns about the spread of COVID and the need to minimize risks of this disease. The college is stepping back only allowing a number of faculty, staff, business operations and students to come on campus. The college has set up a check point process that began Monday. The process will be implemented until further notice.

Part of the process is a daily temperature check, and Coronavirus exposure form. One door open entrance at each of the buildings on campus, and an individual at those intake points that will check those symptoms after the questionnaire has been received, reviewed and signed. If the individual checks out OK they are then issued an arm band that is color coded. A different one for each day of the week which affirms you had that checked and you won’t need to be checked in your flow from building to building on campus,” Vice President of Media Relations at Bluefield State College, Jim Nelson explained.

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All of us here at The Catholic University of America are awaiting your arrival and are excited to welcome our students to campus! The information below will help make your arrival and check-in run smoothly. If you have questions, please contact us. The University is reviewing the move-in process in order to promote the health and safety of our community. Additional planning will occur throughout the summer months and this page will be updated as information becomes available.

More information about the students’ return to campus can be found on the Opening w ebpage.

New move-in times and dates are 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Aug. 19, 20, 21, 22 and 28; Sept. 3 and Sept. 4. Emails going out Aug. 11 will include a link to a form where.

This is an evolving situation and we will continue to update our plans and our actions, with safety top of mind, as we move forward. All students and employees are required to complete a short training module on COVID, how it spreads and how to limit its spread, prior to returning to campus or if continuing to work under alternative work arrangements.

The online training module includes an question quiz to ensure understanding of the material. Completion time is estimated at around 15 minutes. Upon completion, participants will sign an acknowledgement that will be directed to the Dean of Students Office for students or to the dean or supervisor entered by each employee. Human Resources will also have access to a database of those who have completed the training.

Employees should complete the training prior to the July 6 return to campus date. Students should complete the training by August 10 or before returning to any classes on the USI campus. Student workers returning to campus prior to the Fall Semester should consult their supervisor for access to the training.

While on the USI campus or University owned and operated facilities, faculty, staff, students, contractors, vendors and visitors are required to wear a face covering when in buildings, including in classrooms.

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Move-in for all buildings will occur from August 13 to August Students will need to choose a specific date within this time frame for a 2-hour move-in window. Sign up instructions will be sent with final room assignments on Friday, July Tests can be completed at our on-campus testing site in front of the TU Health Center or at a conveniently located facility near your home.

Starting Friday, July 31, on-campus testing will be offered daily, Monday through Friday, from a.

Key Dates for Students; Monitoring and Testing; Academic, Campus, and diners; Stations will be set up in the café to allow for safe flow of patrons in the café.

Note: This site contains information about arriving on campus, health monitoring, COVID testing, and move-in information. The site will be updated with additional information as it becomes available, so check back often. In order to maintain the required physical distancing within our residential area, as well as decrease congestion during the move-in and COVID testing process, the University of Richmond has staggered move-in for new and returning students over the course of a week.

New students will not be permitted to arrive on campus prior to Aug. Returning students will not be permitted to return to campus prior to Aug. To select a move-in time, all students must sign in to StarRez and complete the Move-In Appointment application that will be available in the top red bar of the webpage. Before signing up for a time slot for move-in, each student must read and accept the Housing Addendum.

This step is required for all students. Students who do not accept the housing addendum will not be permitted to sign up for a time slot or complete the move-in process. If a student has a question or concern about a time slot, please email Assistant Director of Housing Taylor Walsh at twalsh4 richmond. Roommates may not move in during the same time slot.

Students may sign up for a time slot before they receive their housing and roommate assignment; however, students must coordinate their time slot with their roommates and change their time slot if necessary to ensure they are not arriving at the same time. If a student needs to change a time slot, please log back into StarRez and choose a new time.

Students will be permitted to change their time slot 48 hours in advance of scheduled move in.

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The first university in Canada to recognize the severity of the outbreak and suspend in-person activities, Laurentian was also the first to transition fully from in-person to remote learning. We further contributed to the urgent needs of our community through the contribution and creation of PPE materials and parts, medical equipment and other critical assets in our community. Each phase outlined in the framework below allows units to permit students and employees to have a gradual, rotational, and periodic presence on campus.

Employment End Date: Required field. Off-Campus Employment Type: Click drop​-down arrow to select Economic Hardship, International Organization.

Interested in coming to SAIT? We’re proud of our campus and would love to show you around. We offer tours by area of interest, tours for groups and for anyone interested in SAIT Residence and our other campuses. SAIT is cancelling all public events until further notice, including campus tours. In the interim, we invite you to check out our virtual tour of the campus and look forward to hosting you on-site at a later date. To ensure you’ll see exactly what you want we offer tours by area of interest in January and March.

These tours will give you an in-depth look at the classrooms, labs and learning environment associated with programs, and each tour incorporates information and tour stops around the entire SAIT campus. Join one of our many tours, explore our beautiful urban campus and become familiar with the services we offer to students. Gain an insightful look into our business programs from a student’s perspective. This tour is led by current business students and includes an in-depth look at the Advising Centre, the idea room classroom and some of the workspaces that are utilized in our business programs.

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Create your own Study Abroad opportunity, or go global as part of our short-term, faculty-led courses. First-Year Living Learning Communities integrate classroom and residential experiences using a holistic approach. Empower our students to achieve their ambitions.

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The Ohio State University. The “Campus of Enrollment” on a student’s academic record is a key driver in the fee assessment process. At present, the system will accommodate only one “Campus of Enrollment” for an individual student, per term, and that campus designation must match the fee assessment protocol. While a course-based fee assessment process would most closely approximate the tuition flow principle noted above, that approach is not practical under the current system and fee assessment policy structure.

Therefore, for students who are registered for classes at more than one campus of The Ohio State University during any single term, their fees will be assessed based on the campus carrying the majority of their instructional credit hours. As a practical matter, in order for the current fee assessment protocol to support this approach, the following will be required:. The “Campus of Enrollment” must match between the fee assessment protocol and the majority of credit hours taken.

Credit hours from more than one regional campus may not be combined for majority over Columbus campus credit hours. Although the following instructional patterns may not be considered “site-bound” in the traditional sense, they still require instructional support. Therefore, the credit hours from these courses will be factored into this policy based on the campus which is most directly related to the course offering.

Examples include:. University Registrar. Multi-Campus Students.

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