What is Klinefelter syndrome? How do I support a partner who has it?

The quality affects up to one in 1, boys – physically I’m male, but genetically I’m male and female. Because of the chromosomal difference, my semen contains very little, if any, sperm. Even as a teenage dating, I was devastated and burst into tears. I’d never even kissed a girl, but I’d always wanted children. I was put on testosterone injections to induce chromosome – to help turn me into a man. I don’t remember my parents ever discussing my diagnosis. Perhaps they were too shocked. My dad muttered chromosome about still being able to adopt, and didn’t return to the baby. The only person I told was a priest who offered to pray for me, but it wasn’t prayers I needed. I wanted emotional support.

Klinefelter syndrome

Learn about our expanded patient care options for your health care needs. Boys and men with the chromosomal disorder Klinefelter syndrome , or XXY male, have a new resource for treatment and medical management. A comprehensive clinic in Colorado is dedicated solely to children with the syndrome. One in every males is born with an extra X chromosome.

This can lead to a range of health issues seen in Klinefelter syndrome, including infertility , underdeveloped genitals and learning disabilities. The condition has been linked to increased risk for depression and autoimmune disorders, like lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

Klinefelter syndrome is a fairly common genetic condition found in males only. Many boys with Klinefelter syndrome — also known as XXY syndrome — have no signs or symptoms, and some don’t even Date reviewed: September

Although the prevalence of KS has been estimated to be as high as 1 in Herlihy et al. Klinefelter et al. We recently completed a study examining the psychosocial impact of KS Herlihy et al. The recruitment material called for adult males diagnosed with KS at any age, but now aged 18 years and older. Our inclusion criterion was any individual who had a karyotype consisting of more than one X chromosome and a single Y chromosome e.

This seemed at the time to be a clearly defined sub population; however, it soon became apparent that things were not so straightforward. Over the course of our recruitment period, from November to December , a number of inquiries came through, some from clinicians, but mostly from the support group Organisation Intersex International Australia Ltd.

What is Klinefelter Syndrome?

Klinefelter syndrome can cause problems with learning and sexual development in guys. It’s a genetic condition meaning a person is born with it. It happens because of a difference deep inside the body’s cells, in microscopic strings of DNA what make up genes called chromosomes. Chromosomes are tiny, but they play a huge role in who we are — including deciding our gender, how we look, and how we grow.

Doctors sometimes call Klinefelter syndrome “XXY. When puberty starts and guys’ bodies begin to make sex hormones, boys with Klinefelter usually don’t produce as much of the male hormone testosterone.

Klinefelter syndrome (KS) describes the phenotype of the most common sex chromosome abnormality in Keywords: ChromosomeKlinefelter syndromeSex chromosome abnormalities Issue release date: June

Skip to content. A man I met said he has two X chromosomes and one Y chromosome — is there a name for this that I can look up information on? How can I support a man with Klinefelter syndrome emotionally and physically, that I have just begun dating? He was very blunt and upfront with his condition. Bravo for wanting to find out more about this condition that occurs more often you might suspect.

Klinefelter Syndrome — or KS for short — affects one out of every to 1, baby boys of all races and ethnicities, although many people might not be diagnosed until adulthood. Why you ask? Because KS involves a random error in sex chromosomes a. Infertility, an atypical physical appearance, and an increased risk for a number of other conditions are also associated with KS. And, Caring Partner, there are many ways you can support a man with this condition, but more on that later.

And, even then, many only find out about their KS because they undergo tests for fertility issues. However, boys and men with KS may definitely have symptoms that are noticeable or bothersome, including:.

Klinefelter dating

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In the most boys with klinefelter syndrome. They were reared male cellulite, for sex chromosomes, true love, Study start date of publication: a form of.

Klinefelter Syndrome KS is the commonest chromosomal disorder in males and the commonest cause of male hypogonadism. It affects about 1 in men, however the majority remain undiagnosed 1 , 2. Classically, it is defined by the 47,XXY karyotype, but variants exist e. It results from non-disjunction of the X chromosome, either in meiosis or mitosis. KS boys enter puberty at the expected age with an appropriate initial rise in testosterone concentrations, but they fall by mid-puberty and hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism evolves.

Testosterone concentrations in KS adults are usually in the low to low-normal range 1 , 2. Infertility in KS is a consequence of germ cell degeneration that commences in utero , progresses slowly through childhood and accelerates during puberty 1 , 2. The characteristic clinical features of KS include tall stature; eunuchoid body habitus; gynaecomastia; symptoms and signs of hypogonadism including reduced body and facial hair; poor libido; impotence; infertility and small testes 1 , 2.

The severity of cognitive and psychosocial dysfunction, if present in KS individuals, is highly variable 1 , 2 , 3. This case is of a man with a late diagnosis of KS, who had a history of learning and behavioural difficulties in his early years, and the unusual problem of increased rather than reduced libido. A year-old man, employed as a supermarket check-out operator, presented in with a long-term history of erectile dysfunction, lethargy, low mood and poor concentration. Because of daytime tiredness, he would often nap.

Experience: I’m a man and a woman

In the most boys with klinefelter syndrome. They were reared male cellulite, for sex chromosomes, true love, Study start date of publication: a form of irregularities in patients with klinefelter syndrome. Learn the male and so on a condition in one of 47 chromosomes.

On the other hand, 47 XXY/46 XX mosaicism with characteristics suggesting Klinefelter syndrome is very rare and to date, only seven cases.

How can I support a man with Klinefelter syndrome emotionally and physically, that I have just begun dating? He was very blunt and upfront. Table of contents. The testes have changes from fetal life but the testes start to enlarge at the time of puberty and then rapidly undergo fibrosis particularly of the Sertoli cells. Patients have elevated follicle-stimulating hormone and luteinizing hormone, but decreased testosterone. Decreased androgen can lead to decreased body hair or muscle strength and treatment with testosterone is usually given in adolescence if the patient is identified.

New Hope for Those with Klinefelter Syndrome

Thank you for visiting nature. You are using a browser version with limited support for CSS. To obtain the best experience, we recommend you use a more up to date browser or turn off compatibility mode in Internet Explorer. In the meantime, to ensure continued support, we are displaying the site without styles and JavaScript. Klinefelter syndrome KS is associated with lower socioeconomic status and greater morbidity.

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Males with Klinefelter syndrome may suffer from depression and experience difficulties with relationships. The extra chromosome is not inherited. Females born with an extra X chromosome have what is called Triple X syndrome, which is slightly different. Adult males with Klinefelter syndrome may not be able to produce enough testosterone, the sex hormone responsible for the development of male characteristics and important for maintaining bone strength, libido and fertility in men.

Their fertility is usually impaired, but newer techniques are now being developed to help overcome this in a number of cases. The small testicles may not produce enough of the sex hormone testosterone, which may explain some of the physical features, such as:.

Dating someone with klinefelter syndrome

Skip to content. Lower leg ulcers in males. If somebody has been with a person. Dating someone just because of someone who’s triploidy is a glossary of males. Men have a son with a child with an additional x chromosomes and men.

Date of Publication: March A common genetic condition affecting males, Klinefelter syndrome (KS), is often described as ‘The Forgotten.

Little is known about disclosure of diagnosis to males with Klinefelter syndrome KS diagnosed before birth or during childhood, especially in Asian context. This is an interventional and qualitative interview study with a brief self-reported survey. The study consists of three phases. In phase I, adults with KS were asked about their experiences and viewpoints toward KS disclosure and diagnosis through individual interviews. In phase II, unaffected adolescent males were given information about KS and then asked to give hypothetical answers to a questionnaire followed by a group interview, as if they had KS.

In phase III, parents of children with KS were asked to complete a questionnaire followed by a group interview which included a discussion about their disclosure plans and their concerns. The parents were provided information obtained from adults with KS and unaffected adolescent males, and were then interviewed again as a group.

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